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Kyle's Family Tour


Kyle's family Chianti tour

"My husband found out about ECO-RENT through trip advisor. Our rental experience was wonderful! We had 11 members of my entire family - people of all ages and experience levels with bike riding and everyone had a fantastic time! The guide was great, the picnic lunch was lovely and they were so accommodating. We even brought my niece, who was just 1 year old, and they let one of my family members ride in the van with her so she could come along. It was a great day for everyone!
Our pre-rental assistance was very helpful. They told us what we needed to bring and wear and coordinated our route for us based on what we wanted.
The bikes (We thought the bikes were great, comfortable and easy to ride) were delivered on time with the guide ready to help get everyone set up. The bike fitting was great, especially considering the fact that we had 10 different family members on bikes and we are all different ages and sizes, but still they had a bike to fit everyone."