Take a look at new to Eco-Rent rental fleet for 2024... 



We deliver, pick up and provide on-site bike fitting services with a minimum rental fee of € 110. Normal delivery hours are from 9-12 am and 3-7pm with an additional charge of € 30 for anytime outside of these hours. 


The additional charge for delivery or pick-up is based on our location in Cascina to the area in the chart as follows:


For up to 3 vehicles (bicycle or scooter):

BLACK -our area- (Pisa city/airport, ): € 20 per vehicle

BLUE -our area- ( within 30 km): € 24 per vehicle

RED -our area- (up to 55 km): € 32 per vehicle


For the fourth vehicle, an additional cost of € 10 per vehicle will be charged

For distances over 55 km we charge an additional € 2/Km. 

For bigger groups, bike clubs, tour operators or other organizations please contact us for personalized quotes.



Delivery charge for rental of 4 Giant Defy bikes to a delivery 25 km away during normal delivery hours: 

(€ 24 * 3 bikes) + (€ 10 * 1 bike) = € 82 delivery charge

€ 320 rental fee _ TOTAL AMOUNT for delivery+rental = € 402

Self-Guided bike tour  (all inclusive packages):

Self-Guided cycling tour

Self-Guided Vespa tour

Secret Tuscany Tour

Guided bike tours (trekking bike, e-bikesracing, mountain bike and gravel bikes) can be arranged for an individual or a small group of riders. The bike tour course will organised to the client’s needs with respect to tour length, time and difficulty. The area where these tours take place can be in the province of Pisa, Leghorn, Lucca, Versilia, San Gimignano and Chianti. A minibus is available, on request at payment, for support needs (mechanical and supplies). Detailed estimates are available on request.

Wine tasting, olive oil tasting and typical products of the area. Cultural tours of the local cities of art; cooking courses; Italian language courses and a great deal more…